Dressing up for Concerts

concert-768555_1920Dressing up is an art, and to master this art, a change is always required.

A change from the usual, a different and new look to carry the next time you visit a concert or show.

You must always plan your outfits according to the atmosphere of the concert, because each concert has a different ambience, some different star performing, some different jump steps or headbangs.

Unplanned outfits can lead to fashion disasters and to avoid clumsy dressing or overdressing, plan it out beforehand if you don’t want to keep changing outfits several times and end up wearing the first outfit.

You have to consider your comfort as well because some concerts demand you to dance, with your hands up in the air or maybe bang your heads incase you’re into metal.

So, teenager girls must avoid uncomfortable, short dresses.

The perfect outfit for a concert depends on the type of concert you are going to.



If you are going to a rock concert, the best way for teenagers to dress up will be the funky casual type.

You can become a rockstar if you dress up like one.You can put on your old, blue, ripped jeans and team it up with some cool tee, leather jacket, boots or sturdy shoes and step in like a kickass, rock star chic.feet-349687_1920


If you heading to a pop music concert, like one of Taylor’s Swift’s tours, you can wear some skirts and tops, flaunting your belly, and pair them up with contrasting coloured and comfortable heels. You can go for lengthier A-line dresses. Avoid dressing up in short clothes so that you do not get distracted as you listen to your favourite songs being performed.


It might not be so appealing to go all costumey to a country music concert. You can combine plaid with decent pieces. Long boots and denim would enhance the overall look.girl-669799_1280

Hands up to The Passenger Outdoor music- concert

When you go to some outdoor music-festival, you cannot ignore the fact that it is daylight and people gaze at everyone. An outdoor music festival is much like some fashion show.

So, you have to dress up considering both the factors here: fashion and comfort. Go for flats. Avoid heels and burst out with the hippie-chic look taking benefit of the Woodstock vibes.

Also, avoid the head dresses. If you are going to dance all night, dress in bright and sleeveless dresses, with wedges and sunglasses. Teenager girls, these days, are selfie addicts.

To look picture perfect, dressing matters. You could go in funky, swaggy clothes, neon shades and cool pastels to a summer concert.

Jackets and boots are the evergreen styles for a winter concert. Whatever you do, just make sure you’re happy with it, because smile is the best accessory.