The Top 5 famous movies on love and life



It’s a fact. Movies are a reflection of our everyday life that details the struggle, happiness, romance, money, ups, and downs among other aspects of our lives.

Of course, there are so many movie genres that it is often a challenge to decide on what to watch. But so are famous movie quotes about love and life that inspires its viewers.

We all know that a good movie isn’t just about the visual appeal. Yes. The movie is better with sexy men and women with a raunchy appeal.

However, there should be those unique lines that stick to the back of your head. These are quotes that make you rewind the movie just to listen again.

The movies listed below are not only famous because of the captivating storylines, but also because of the quotes on love and life. Read on:

Harold and Maude

  • This is a relatively old movie (1971) that falls into the “Classics Category”. The movie is about a teenage boy who shacks up an old woman against the social norms.director-237412_1920

It is devastatingly romantic, and the characters are full of life. The movie was released in a period when action ruled the industry but still penetrated the audience.

Annie Hall

Released in 1977, the movie is an absurd, crazy and irrational production. The movie has an interesting storyline that entails searching for a soulmate.

In the plot twist of the film, it showed that finding your soulmate does not guarantee you of a happy ending. The movie has all the best quotes that leave you thinking even harder.

  1. In the mood for love

Sometimes love between two people trapped in different worlds is the realest love after all. The 2000 movie depicts of love between spouses who are neighbors and are each married to other people.

It is so exquisite and reveals that fate brought them in an unexpected way. How did it end? Find out for yourself.


Every day we are forced to choose between the things that we love and the things that we cannot do without.

This classic movie tells a story of a man compelled to choose between the woman that he loves, and fulfilling other desires.

It’s one of the wrenching movies that is accompanied by lovely quotes.

  1. Brief encounter

“Misery doesn’t last….Not even life lasts for that long”. Despite the fact that the movie was released in 1945, you could re-watch the movie all day long.

Characterized by endearing dialogue, the movie was adapted from a play and was brilliantly crafted.

There are other movies such as “The Notebook”, “The Titanic”, and “Love Actually” that could not make this list.

However, this was famous movie quotes about love and life that always leaves us pondering about our lives.

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